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floral wire on cork

Does anyone know if floral wire (the green wire they use in flower
arrangements) is safe to put in a tank?  I've used it on topiary and it
works well.  I cut little U shaped pins to secure the plants.  However, it
does corrode and fall apart after a period of time.

It would work nicely to attach plants to cork in a tank but I don't know
what it is made of or if it would leech something bad into the water.  I was
planning to use it on plants that would attach to the cork such that the
breaking down wouldn't be a problem.  (bolbitis, java fern, moss, etc)

If this is a problem, which wire do I get?  There are multiple mentions of
wire in the archives but I don't remember a specific reference to a type.

I was planning on just using cork tiles as opposed to rough cork.  It seems
like after a short period of time, the cork would be obscured anyway, even
with mosses.

Thanks as always.