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Re: smallest schooling fish

I have 3 fish I like which stay quite small. All of them stay about an inch 
or less. My first recommendation would be Endler's Livebearers 
(http://members.cox.net/newcomb1/). They are a type of guppy and the males 
are fabulously colored. They don't actually school, but they are very active 
and do hang out together. They would be my first choice. Ember Tetras 
(Hyphessobrycon amandae) are another small fish. They do school, but they 
are not as brightly colored as the Endler's and not as active either. Last 
ones are spotted blue-eyes - Pseudomugil gertrudae 
(http://members.optushome.com.au/chelmon/Pseudomugil.htm). They are really 
fun to watch! They pretty much stay at the very top of the tank, though, so 
you'd need some mid-level swimmers as well. They hang out in groups.


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