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Re: Lights and corals

"So far people who have told me they
are using these lights all have said that their
plants/corals are doing good
and they are happy with the light."

The next time someone tells me that their plants or corals
are doing fine with these (those, that or the other) lamps,
I'd like to hear compared to what and for how long.  I've
known folks that think their plants are doing fine, but
they are just using up stored reserves from the nursery
before they die in the hobbyist's tank.  As for compared to
what, it seems most plants are all that fussy about what
kind of light they get, at least not for them to be rated
in "doing fine."  Humans, at least hobbyists, are much
fussier about the color temp and spectrum of their aquaria

Somewhat grumpier in autumn,
Scott H.

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