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Re: Fluorex Lights

 Re: Fluorex Lights
This is a quad compact florescent, the "in-line variety as
opposed to the radial arrangement or twist lamps.  It's not
the typical 2700 K of these older style tube layouts on
compact fluorescent bulbs.  It doesn't seem so remarkable
to me, but quite likely I am missing something.  If someone
is manufacturing cfs in the linear quad arrangement with a
decent Color temp, that is good news.  If it's LOA, that's
not such good news.  An example of LOA smarminess is its
web site page about Flourex, which is a brand name, not a
scientific discovery.  The Page asks, in giant letters, "
What is Flourex?" then goes on to never tell you the
slightest thing about what it is, just some extravagant and
mostly subjective claims about what it does.  I think if
they told you what it is, you'd find it's an ordinary cf,
with a mix of phosphors for a "high" color temp (probably a
lot of calcium halo phosphate), and possibly manufactured
with lower quality materials (yes, that's my ax you hear

The linear quad arangement makes for a relatively compact
light source, but a lot of light undoubtedly is lost due to
restrike -- the tubes get in each other's way and block a
lot of reflection from the reflector above them.  Still,
it's bound to be better than the radial quad lights, whose
tubes lose about 30-40% of their light just illuminating
each other.

Bulb for bulb, I'll bet one could do better with a
twin-tube power compact, so long as the length isn't a
problem fitting it onto your tank.

What *is* Flourex?  It's a word, a marketing invention for
selling flourescent bulbs?

Scott H.

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