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Compact Fluorescents-Screw in

Kyle wrote:

My questions are:

1.  Anyone try daylight spectrum screw-ins?  And if so how are they working
out?  Do you think its worth switching out the warm lights for the
daylights?  Will they give off less of a yellow cast?


The plants won't care if the lamps are 3000K or 5000K. Most people would
agree that 5000K will look better and eliminate the yellow cast. You need
pretty big CF lamps to provide enough light to grow Cabomba. The 10 gallon
tank needs about 2 x 26 watt cfs. The 20 gallon tank needs 2 x 42 watt cfs.

Note that you are having a problem with your posts being too wide. I had to
scroll across the page a long ways to read your post. Since I switched
operating systems to Windows XP I am having the same problem. If I compose
in plain text I have to put in my own carriage returns and the post comes
out looking like the carriage returns are randomly placed. If switch to rich
text and switch back to plain text the carriage returns are automated. I
can't figure out how to set it up the way I want. I don't know if it matters
but I am reading this in the digest.