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Compact Fluorescents-Screw in

I've got a couple of questions about screw-in CF lights that I'm hoping someone can help me with as there is next to nothing on the web about them (and not much that I could find in the AP archives).

The next 2 paragraphs are background, skip if you want...

I've got a 10 gal. and a 20 gal. tank (set up a month ago).  The 10 gal. hood has 2 sockets for incandescent lights (didn't notice until I got it home and was setting up the tank).  The 20 gal. is pieced together mostly from freebies around the biology dept. here at Duke Univ. Among other things I have access to several incandescent type desk lamps.

In order to stay within a reasonable budget I decided that rather than shell out for fluorescent hoods I could just put screw in compact CF's.  Not thinking, I bought "warm light" (2700k?) assuming it meant "daylight".  Turns out I'm getting reasonable growth for the most part (only Cabomba isn't happy) but not quite as much as I'd like (plus there is a yellow cast to the tank).

Anyway, I found a website called buylighting.com (the most direct way to the screw in CF page is: https://secure.tcinternet.net/buylighting/cart/      
then click on the "CFL screw-in" link under compact fluorescents) 
They sell 
screw-in CF's in daylight spectrum (5100k) in a range of 11w-44w.  
My questions are:
1.  Anyone try daylight spectrum screw-ins?  And if so how are they working out?  Do you think its worth switching out the warm lights for the daylights?  Will they give off less of a yellow cast?

2.  Has anyone bought from Buylighting.com before?  Would you recommend it?  Are there other companies you would recommend if this one has problems?



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