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RE:Fluorex Lights

Gitte wrote:

Thanks for your comments, Wayne.  What interests me about this light
fixture is not just the watts per gallon, but its convenience and
compact size.  I appreciate that it might not be the "ultimate", and I
don't even know what "overdrive some 2' lamps" means (sorry!).  One of
these tanks is in my living room, so the fixture needs to be reasonably
attractive (or hidden).

I think this lamp would be a vast improvement on my 20G and my 10G
'cause the original fluorescent fixtures on these are (single lamp) 15
watts and 10 watts respectively.

Thanks again.


I don't mean to belabour the point so much but those fixtures are likely to
be a long way from ultimate. More like below average to poor. Any
fluorescent fixture of any sort would be as efficient or better. It is
probably true that they would be a large increase in light compared to a
single 15 watt lamp but I just think there are much better options out
there. I noticed there is one site selling replacement lamps for those
fixtures and that 65 watt lamp is over $30 USD.

No matter how you slice it lighting is expensive. If you have a crappy
fixture the initial cost can be low but the long term cost of the extra
electricity required for a low efficiency fixture and lamp replacement costs
due to a crappy ballast will get you in the end. I think it is better to
bite the bullet and go with AH Supply or go entirely DIY and make your own
high quality fixture.