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Re: Board with MDF?

Somebody asked " really wish I knew what this MDF stuff
was! ;-]  "

It's a dry process fiberboard.  Fiberboard is made by one
of two processes.  In one, wet waste board material (ground
up sawdust) is pressed into a sheet -- the compression and
high temperatures cause the natural resins in the wood
material to bond the fibers together.  In the other
process, the dust is dry but mixed with a synthetic resin

MDF, Medium Density Fiberboard, has a very fine texture and
uniform structure, so it is not susceptible to warping
under normal conditons.  It's fine particle size means it
can be machined easily, without tearout; route the edge and
you still have a smooth edge.  It's most popular uses are
for kitchen countertop underlayment (for "Formica" tops)
and for audio loudspeaker cabinets, where the uniformity of
structure is advantageous.

High Density fiberboard is stuff like the brand name
material, Masonite, and peg boards, which are wet process

You can sometimes find MDF with a hardwood veneer :-) .

MDF, like so-called chipboard or particle board, is heavier
than comparably sized plywood with a poplar core  :-( .

Scott H.

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