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Yellow Leaves on Sword

Some of the leaves on my Amazon Sword Rose are yellowish. Any suggestions?

Substrate: Flourite
Nitrates: 5-10 ppm  (Aq Pharmaceutical)
Tank:  29 gallon
Lighting:  2 40 Watt (hangs a little over each end) 12 hours/day
Fertilization: 5 ml PMDD using Microplex + K2S04 but no Nitrate daily
Fish: 2 angels - body size about 2" diameter, 1 Krib, 3 black phantom 
tetras, 2 ottocinclus
Filtration: Aquaclear 300, 2 sponge, 1 carbon (normally I don't use carbon 
but just started this week as an experiment to deal with algae. The yellow 
leaves preceded the use of carbon filtration)
Temperature: 79 deg F
Feeding:  1-2 pinches Wardly Total Tropical, 1-2 times daily, brine shrimp 

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