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RE:Fluorex Lights ( Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #389)

Hi Giancarlo,

This is GREAT.!  I have been looking for a way to vastly improve the
lighting over both my 20G and my 10G which both have the original litle
fluorescent fixtures that came with them.

I checked it out on homedepot.com and at lightsofamerica.com.  I would
buy it today, but live in Canada, and homedepot.com seems to ship only
to the US.  Does anyone know whether there is a Canadian Home Depot
website?  I haven't been able to find one.  Or do other Canadian
retailers carry this fixture?


> Hi everyone, I posted this topic on 2 other groups and got 0 
> replies. Perhaps this may be of no interest here either but 
> I'll give it a try as I was expecting some interest at least.
> While I was at HomeDepot getting some ballasts I found a 
> fixture called "65Watt Fluorex Fluorescent Outdoor 
> Floodlight". If you go to www.homedepot.com and search for 
> SKU# 343177 you can see it. It's a compact fluorescent bulb 
> and water proof fixture. The price was just under $30 so I 
> figured it was probably a 3000K bulb etc... etc.... I whent 
> home and looked it up and here is a link to the manufacturer: 
> http://www.lightsofamerica.com/products/Security1.htm (model 9027)
> To my surprise this bulb is rated at 65000K color temp and 
> 8000+ lumens. I then found the same light being marketed on 
> eBay as a 500W hydroponics grow light with a "bargain" 
> starting bid of $45 and $14 shipping!! I've also seen others 
> sell it for $75+!! (Just search for Fluorex on eBay)
> So has anyone tried these over a tank yet? The fixture is 
> small enough to probably light up a 10gallon tank with 65W!! 
> You can probably hang it from the ceiling too for open tanks. 
> I think for $30 I'll just pick one up next time I'm there and 
> find a use for it at home. They had one on display and it is 
> very bright! The price is great if indeed they can be used 
> for planted tanks.
> Giancarlo Podio