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Regualtor and needle valve assembly

There was a brief discussion some time ago about the advisability of 
installing a needle valve directly into the output port of a regulator. The 
issue was a diaphragm leak that would apply input side pressure to the 
output side of the regulator, causing a severe case of rapid, uncontrolled 

I spoke to a authorized Victor regulator repair person today, and asked him 
about theneedle valve installation.

He stated it should not be a problem. Many regualtors come with a safety 
valve on the output side of the regulator body, usually set at 100 or 200 
psig. In this case, a leak through the regulator results in the loss of the 
contents of the cylinder.For most, this will not be a major problem, unless 
you are in a very small room with all the doors and windows closed, or you 
just refilled your cylinder and left on vacation.

For those Victor regulators not equipped with the safety valve, the valve 
body is built to withstand the same pressure on the input and output ports.

Just some more information to process.

Douglas Guynn, in west Texas, right in the middle of fishing country, 200 
miles in any direction to the nearest lake.
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