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Help! Need to ID a possibly noxious plant

I was poking around at a local wetland reserve this morning and there is 
some kind of aquatic plant seedling springing up everywhere. It has obviate 
succulent leaves in a flat rosette. Larger specimens have a swollen 
petiole. It's a light lime green growing in full sun, submersed as well as 
in recently emmersed wet mud. I have this horrible feeling that it is water 
hyacinth but I don't know if that germinates in the mud or not. If it is 
this area is in for a major infestation and I'll want to ring the local 
council to tell them as WH is a declared noxious weed here. The area has 
only just been built and they've widened and deepened the creek to make a 
billabong and there's lots of seedling native species coming up including 
Marselia sp. and Frogsmouth but they won't last long if this really is 
Water Hyacinth coming up.