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White fungus on discus

Hi, I've been busy algie fighting and trying to get the dozing right, I have to admit that I jumped posts on fishdeceasees.

Now I think that one of my discus has developed a deseace. It's a white fungus spot growing inbetween two scales.
Another had a slimy thread dragging after his tail (not intestinal) so he/she might soon be developping too.

Have anyone had this and treated it successfully without killing their plants in the process?
Pls. tell me how you did it.

If no one have a straight cure I'm greateful for various search terms to use when searching the archives for information on this subject. Since one have to spell it correctly to get the right hits, I'd be greateful for such words in the mail.

Unfortenately I don't have an extra tank to treat individuals in so I have to treat in the main planted tank.