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Re: Vortex or Complicated mess?

Hey Gang

Jeff Bodin wrote:
>>On the Vortex type reactor I made I have a
"return-to-power-head" half-way down that I feed to
back to the venturi of my powerhead
(see:http://home1.gte.net/bodin1/CO2.htm for the
shorter venturi tube return).
The little bubbles float around for a second in the
vortex - then most of them get sucked into that small
tube and pulverized by the powerhead into
micro-bubbles which go back into the vortex chamber
and either dissolve - or go another route through the
powerhead (and so on...).<<

So, it's just like feeding CO2 into your canister just
inside the tank with a DIY piece of equipment? That's
what it sounds and looks like to me. 

>>One thing I have mentioned, and cannot really
explain it - When the flow of my powerhead is reduced
the dissolution of CO2 diminishes and I get
accumulation of CO2 in the chamber. When I get
accumulation of CO2 in the chamber the efficiency
drops significantly<<

This is exactly what was happening to me, and would
explain the lack of CO2 being driven into my system.
I'm starting to wonder if this is even worth the
trouble. All this extra equpiment in the tank or I
could just have a simple reactor in-line with my
canister hose, or a diffuser under the outflow of the
smaller tank filters. I get whatever CO2
concentrations I want using a dear little bit of CO2
and a sintered glass diffuser without extra powerheads
and doo-hickeys.  

 >>- I get no dissolution of 
the CO2 into the water column (which I can note via pH
test). You should have a real good flow through the
chamber (I think more is better regardless of 
what I wrote a year ago). If the CO2 is dissolving you
should not get a "vortex".<<

Yeah, I'm gonna leave this type of thing for those who
like to mess with "high-tech" (LOL!) type stuff. I
guess I'm just a simpleton at heart....

Thanks, Jeff, for your reply,
John Wheeler

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