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AHSupply.com Kit - Woo Hoo! Burn Baby Burn!

I've been putting off the assembly of my AH Supply Kit until today 
when the remaining ballast in my JBJ went caput.

I've never wired anything in my life and have to admit that it was 
only hesitation about working with anything involving electricity 
that preventing me from going with an AH kit to begin with. I am so 
pleased with the way it turned out. It was money well spent and worth 
every penny. The instructions were very thorough and it really was a 
breeze, although I did take my time since this was a first. I took a 
shoplight apart the other day and saw the innards and realized there 
isn't much inside these fixtures and it can't be that tough to 
assemble one.

AH's web site describes these kits as blinding and they truly are 
incredibly bright. There's also the element of satisfaction. My only 
regret is that I went with a fan that turned out to be a little too 
noisy, but who cares?! I'm a lighting goddess! LOL.

Waaaaa!!! Is this DIY stuff fun or what?

JoAnn - Feeling a little giddy in Southern Colorado