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Large tank=Grand Piano in weight

Big tanks such as this need to have their weight spread over a larger area. 
In one of Amano's books they discuss using a decorative solid wood dias to 
place the tank stand on to spread out the weight. On the more specific  
topic of building the tankstand, my Father and I built a stand for a 100gal 
I had in the basement when I was a kid. The stand was 4x4 reinforced with 
angle iron bracing for all the joints, legs and base. Better safe than sorry 
as you can consider a tank of this size as being a grand piano set on it's 
side in a 1.5meter long space.

Edward Venn,
SMG Holdings Co., Ltd.,
Deux Chateaux Blanc 2-303,
1356 Kobuchi, Kasukabe,
Saitama, Japan

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