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Chlorine Bleach


My parents have well water and they want to set up a planted tank. They've
done water hardness tests and things look fine. (6 dKH, and 12 GH)

However, because they had trouble removing the bacteria from their water
when they built the house, they were forced to rig up a chlorine bleach
mixture to the water supply in their basement.

Here's the process:

My dad combines 5 gallons of water to every gallon of bleach for the initial
solution. That solution is "squirted" into the main water supply at some
unknown ratio. It's "enough to kill the bacteria." A wild guess would be 100
gallons to 1.

So, what should they do? Note: RO is NOT an option...

The great folks from the Chicago area group have mostly told me that my
parents must go R/O -- but I need a solution where they can USE this water.
They won't invest in an RO system, so it's either this water, or nothing.

Any guesses?

Son Kevmo