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Re: Re: Vortex doo-hickey

>>So, you're suggesting that this type of reactor needs
something other than its own propulsion and whatever
filter one might have to get the CO2 into the tank? I
had mine setup underneath the outflow of an Aquaclear
150 on a 20gallon long tank. <<

No, but I think good circulation in the aquarium helps to speed the CO2
saturation of the entire aquarium. I add a pump for more circulation with
any type of reactor I am using. Right now I have in different aquariums a
vortex, a power reactor, (pump on top) and an Aqualine reactor.

>>Robert, I'm interested in what you're doing with yours
to get it working. Maybe Travis and I are missing some
vital piece of the puzzle. This idea seems like it
should work great.<<

I don't have a clue, all I do is plug it in and it seems to work fine. But
if this is a more common problem than I think, I would definetly like to
know why.

Robert Paul Hudson