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Re: frog tadpoles - great algae eaters

Hi everyone,

This is my first posting to this list. Algae and its
control seems to be of great interest to all here. Has
any one tried tadpoles? Last month I had an outbreak
of brown and green algae attached to the gravel and
leaves. My otos could'nt cope. I put in about 20
Painted Frog tadpoles (endemic in the Mediteranean)and
in less than a week none of the algae remained. They
are really efficient but their wiggly tails are too
tempting to fish. Even some of my cardinal tetras
can't resist a bite! 

I suppose tadpoles of other frog species are just as
good. Why are'nt they so popular? Is it because they
are temporary aquarium inhabitants? If so I recommend
their use only as a cure and not a precaution to
algae. When they turn into frogs they come to the
surface to breath making it easy to capture and
release them into the wild. 

regards to all

(from Malta)


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