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Mini-algae palm trees?

A couple of weeks ago I noticed these small algae? plants on the side 
of my tank. They are very small, less than half a centimeter. They 
are attached to the glass and the other end has 5 or 6 thinner arms 
or branches that have an appearance an umbrella frame. Can anyone 
tell me what they are? They are barely noticeable and somewhat 
attractive in their own right...

Tank specs
30 Gal
110 Watts of light
.75-1.00 ml PMDD
ph 6.6-6.8
kh 8
gh 10 (my local water supply comes out at 15 kh and gh and about 8.4 
ph, great for african cichlids, in the winter I collect snow, one 
thing we do have plenty of)
pressurized CO2 (30-45 bubbles per min)

Discus, 2 SAE, bushy-nose pl*co, 4 japanese algae eating shrimp, some 
black tetras (my 2 otos died a few weeks ago, connection?)

Plants include african fern, crypto's, onion plant, dwarf sag, 
moneywort, swords

Thanks in advance

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