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Re: Columbia, SC

> Jorge Quintana wrote

> I have to go to a confrence in Columbia, South Carolina next month.
> Any good aquatic plant stores in the area? I don't have a decent lfs
> in my area so i always try to include a visit to lfs when I travel.
> thanks.


It's been a year or so since I've cruised the lfs in Columbia, so bear with me:

The Pet Store (appropriately named, but looks like a house, not a store) is located on Bush River Road, next to I-20, right beside Fuddruckers (mmmm!). Guy name Dan (long, white Santa beard, good guy) runs it. He has all kinds of stuff, and he gets all kinds of new stuff in all the time. Bargain with him. Some of his tanks are usually packed full of plants and fish, so take your time
and study each one. Some unusual stuff can usually be found. I believe it's the best Columbia has to offer.

Fishy Business is on Bush River Rd, on the other side of I-26 from The Pet Store. It's in a small strip mall across from K-mart, which it part of Dutch Square, and behind Captain Ds. Not a lot of choices, but sometimes they surprise you. It's worth stopping in. Like I said, it's been a year, so who knows what is happening now.

George's Pet Store is on Harbison Blvd, which is 5-6 miles north of Bush River Rd on I-26. George's is down from Columbiana Mall, across the road from Rush's Hamburgers in a strip mall. Turn at the Pier One, and drive to the back of the strip mall and the sign reads Pets Store, or Pets. Still, not the best variety, but again, who knows. It's worth a try, also.

Happy hunting!

Jamie <"///><