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vortex reactor

Hey Robert,

Sorry for being so vague. I rearranged my tank a couple weeks previous so
hadn't relied too heavily upon my own testing. I did test (via solution not
probe) just under the reactor and also at the far end of tank and didn't
find much difference Ph-7.0. I was thinking that a stream of water below the
outlet might help distribute the saturated co2 better.

The main reason/ inquiry for my post was that a few weeks back (while I was
building mine) people were posting about inefficiencies in their reactors,
and I was wondering why that was.

The testing of my vortex chamber apparatus probably isn't a good one to use
since I don't have a Ph probe, am using a DIY yeast reactor, and just
redesigned my tank. Plants aren't perling much, but could be because of the
redesign trauma. I was hoping to get others who have experienced problems to
explain in further detail. Not sure of the GPH of the pump, I think it is
around 65 though. I'll have to look tonight. My tests have been at the end
of the day (before lights out), and in the morning (before lights on) with
co2 and vortex running all night.

I certainly hope it does work after having built it!

Contact me off list and I can forward a couple pictures I took.