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Re:Nutrients vs. algae

>Yes, adding N and P does stimulate the growth of 
>soft-attached algae, but the algae becomes nutritious for the snails, 
>and the snail population will get the algae under control.

Hmm. The plants starts growing like
mad when adding N and P in an N and P limited
tank. This causes the algea to detach easily,
and this, I believe, is the reason the snails
get more food when adding N and P?

I have noticed how my algae is only able to
attach to the side of leaves where the
surface isn't changing in the same rate as
on the top/bottom of the leaves.
Plant leaf surface area change = No algae.
Good plant growth = Great leaf surface area change.
Bad plant growth = No leaf surface area change.
I bet someone on this list knows, scientifically,
why algae can't attach to a leaf when it's 
area is changing (growing)?

Is this the answer to the notorious question
why algae doesn't exist in a plant dominated
tank? They can't attach to surfaces that
constantly change? And the static surfaces
they would theoretically be able to attach to 
(like the front glass) they really hate
beacause the DO is extremely high, the BOD 
is extremely low and the NH4 and NO2 is 
extremeley low - and therefore they easily 
detach from it - they become easy prey for 
snails and algae eaters?

I have also noticed how my SAE and Ottos picks
algae where I have scrubbed algae with 
a toothbrush - The algae seems to be more
easily detachable where I have scrubbed.

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