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Re: vortex diffuser

Hello Robert!
I have also had bad luck with my DIY-vortex reactor.
Pearling didn't appear but pH was way down(!).

This could be an important clue:

>How large is the aquarium and and how well circulated is the water? I
>usually add an additional pump or small powerhead to carry the CO2 water
>across the tank

I measured the pH pretty close to the reactor and if
I recall everything right there might have been some
pearling next to the reactor.
Also because of my design (0,5 litres bottle) the
reactor became quite tall and the outflow was
directed directly downwards towards the 
substrate - where my circulation isn't the best.

Normally I use a glass-spiral-reactor which releases 
it's shrunken CO2-bubbles and CO2-saturated water next
to the outflow from my filter, and this creates
intense pearling in the whole tank with 1 bubble/sec.

So. With your advice in mind I will tonight test to 
put the reactor near the filter outlet and see if
the result is better.

Thanks Robert!

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