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NJ LFS for Botia striata and more

I have been a lurker on this list off and on for at least a year. I have 
learned many things here and want to thank you all. Most recently I read 
about Tom Barr's recommendation to use Botia striata as an effective snail 
predator. I have been searching here in New Jersey for a source and found 
one today. They had a tank containing at least 100 two to three inch 
loaches. They charge $12 for three of them. This store also offers B. 
lohachata, B. morleti, and B. macracanthus at similar prices. They also have 
Pygmy Corydoras cats, C. pygmaeus, $4 for four. I am not connected with them 
and will not gain anything from them for this report.

Shark Aquarium Pet Center
1767 Route 22 West
Union, NJ 07083
Mon.-Sat. 10-9
Sun 10-6

This was my first visit to this store. They had many large predatory South 
American catfish, at least 100 Piranha's of many species, Apistogramma's, 
some plants but not a wonderful selection.

Jerry Smith
Bloomingdale, NJ

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