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Re: Eheim Tubing

I recently purchased a classic 2217 for my 55gal and it came with everything
including media, hoses, spray bar and uptake so I would guess the ecco comes
with a simial package. I had found a table with comparisons of all the Eheim
filters including tube dimensions but I can't find it now, if I do I will
post it. Mine for example has a larger intake tube than the output. Might be
best to wait for it to arrive and then buy the hoses locally to make sure.
Perhaps you can ask when you order it, Big Al's Online was very helpful when
I had questions regarding the Eheim Classic.


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Hey guys,

I have had it up to here with my Fluval 403.  If I have to burp that thing
one more time, I will scream.  It filters really really well (so I'm not
throwing it out), but priming the gdmf really puts me on edge.  I have an
old eheim from ~6 years ago, but I think it's a little on the small side
for my tank.

I'm going to get an Ecco 2233 (I have a 55 g tank, pretty heavily planted
by, uh, negligence).  Can someone tell me what exactly the filter comes
with? (I understand it comes with media, but anything else?)

I know for sure I will have to buy extra tubing b/c my tank is on a
tall utility shelf, etc etc.  I can't find anywhere on the web where it
says what size tubing to buy.  Thatfishplace.com shows at least 5
different size of tubing, but no indication which tubing fits which
filter.  If I buy the filter and tubing, am I all set?  Or do I need to
get uptake tube, spray bar, etc.?

Thanks for your help,