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Re: Cypress and Mangroves

> I'd like to try Cpress in one of my tanks.  I've tried Mangroves ins 
> saltwater before, with mild luck.  Usually, they put out a leaf or two, 
> and never do anything more.  The leaf will drop off after a few weeks, and 
> they'll just stay ther e- not rotting, just not growing.  WHen I've tried 
> them in FW, they just sink to the bottom after a week and rot.  Has anyone 
> had success with them in FW?  

Not sure about the freshwater aspects of mangrove-growing, but I think there 
was a thread on this list about that some time ago so you might want to dig 
through the archives a bit. 

I have been told that what you describe happening on the saltwater side is 
part of the mangrove's process of adapting to life in saltwater. I am told 
that once the plant has adapted to the saltwater it will grow OK. 
Tropicorium (http://www.tropicorium.com) has mangroves already growing (with 
leaves!) in saltwater that they claim won't have any problems with the 
saltwater since they're already used to it. You might want to try a plant or 
two from them to see if you have better luck. 


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