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Re: Nutrients vs. algae


         Excess of certain nutrients have a negative impact on the 
absorbtion and assimilation of other nutrients. I think that Diana 
Walstad's "Ecology of the planted aquarium" may have something on the 
subject. There is more material on this subject on the net..

         Some time ago I found that there was > 5ppm of PO4 in one tank, 
adding KNO3 to that tank brought down the phosphate levels.. and a spurt of 
growth, specially the sword plants.
E. "Rose" emersed with rich red leaves.

         Excess dosing probably will result in heavy growth.. which pleases 
but limiting growth would be best in the interest of mantaining the 
aquascape. The question is whether we want a low maintanance aquascaped 
tank or an underwater forest.

Raj, vu2zap
Bangalore, South INDIA.

>From: "Lee Boon Chuan" <lee.bc at ellipsiz_com>
>Subject: RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #392
>Is there still any other reason for one to keep nutrient level
>to some numbers?  Why can't we dose in excess so that we are
>sure that the plants are not lacking anything?
>BC (Singapore)