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Re: Aquascaping review

On Mon, 14 Oct 2002, David Marshburn wrote:

> The lighting is 72 W of PC flourescent, 6200K bulbs.  Been pondering
> various ways of increasing this.
> Oh, the tank size is 50 G (US).  36 x 18 x 18.  (in retrospect, I think I
> would have rather had the extra 6 inches of height on the 65 G for the
> same footprint).

By the way, I should add:  no CO2 injection, no additives or water
treatments (other than a bit of baking soda for the KH and the requisite 
de-chloramine-ator).  The pH is 6.8-7, KH and GH both ~3-4 degrees.  Temp
about 76-7.  I'm trying to go for something low-maintenance (but I don't
mind cutting extra plant growth).  Think those are all the stats....