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Australian aquatic plant growers

Hi I've just joined up to this mailing list and I am just sending out a 
call to any other Australians here with a view to maybe trading plants 
and/or info on native plant species. I'm in Brisbane and have been growing 
aquatic plants under pretty low-tech conditions for about a decade now. I'm 
in the process of restarting my plant tank after a shockingly bad 
blue-green algae outbreak which claimed all of my ferns, swords and stem 
plants (although all of my various crypts came through well) so I'm in a 
good position to restock.

I'm currently trying to track down a source for Blechnum francii, a 
submersed fern from New Caledonia, plus has anyone tried Blechnum indicum 
as an emergent in ponds?