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Eheim tubing

Hey guys,

I have had it up to here with my Fluval 403.  If I have to burp that thing
one more time, I will scream.  It filters really really well (so I'm not
throwing it out), but priming the gdmf really puts me on edge.  I have an
old eheim from ~6 years ago, but I think it's a little on the small side
for my tank.

I'm going to get an Ecco 2233 (I have a 55 g tank, pretty heavily planted
by, uh, negligence).  Can someone tell me what exactly the filter comes
with? (I understand it comes with media, but anything else?)

I know for sure I will have to buy extra tubing b/c my tank is on a
tall utility shelf, etc etc.  I can't find anywhere on the web where it
says what size tubing to buy.  Thatfishplace.com shows at least 5
different size of tubing, but no indication which tubing fits which
filter.  If I buy the filter and tubing, am I all set?  Or do I need to
get uptake tube, spray bar, etc.?

Thanks for your help,