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Fluorex Lights

I am using 5 of these over a 135g and they work very well. Good colour and a
lot of light.


>Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 16:05:03 -0400
>From: "Adam N." <adam at xhaos_org>
>Subject: Subject: Fluorex Lights
>This seems really cool to me.  I have lights over my tank but I would do
>this if I didn't!  I may try one over a nanoreef I was going to try!
>"Giancarlo" Wrote:
>While I was at Home Depot getting some ballasts I found a fixture called
>"65Watt Fluorex Fluorescent Outdoor Floodlight". If you go to
>www.homedepot.com and search for SKU# 343177 you can see it. It's a compact
>fluorescent bulb and water proof fixture. The price was just under $30 so I
>figured it was probably a 3000K bulb etc... etc.... I went home and looked
>it up and here is a link to the manufacturer:
>http://www.lightsofamerica.com/products/Security1.htm (model 9027)