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yet more plant trade (new species), crypts and anubis ands ramshorn snails wanted

Two lots, include new species from other trades!

Bolbitis fern, nice!  Tank grown (submersed) culture more survivability than
store bought cultures
Dwarf Sagitaria
Dwarf hair grass
Marsilia (four leaf clover)
Java Moss
Rotola (nice pink species)
Sunset hygro

Extra lots of

Marsilia (four leaf clover)
Najas and perhaps Bolbitis available

Probably will contain myrophyllium and or other species.  I can't recall
No warranties on proper ID or spelling.
If there is a must have or don't need in your trades please let me know.

These are all starter lots of plants, enough to get them to grow in your
tank but don't expect to start a 55 of heavily planted.  Even so you could
get one to fill in nicely from one of these bags.

If people object to me trading plants online please let me know directly.  I
am not sure this appears to me a new use of the list.  I'd just like
feedback on the practice.  It has been very fun and I've gotten great new
species not available here that I will share at my aquarium society.  I also
sell excess to the LFS so I feel it helps spread the available species
around and enriches the hobby.

Plants mailed Priority Mail on Tuesday, you send yours either ASAP or upon
receipt of mine.  I am in no rush.

I'd like to say that everyone has been fantastic!  Honest and generous too!