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Bald Cypress in plant tanks

One reason I like open top tanks is to grow plants up and out of the tank.
You see a tank without that ugly plastic lip going around it, a nice hood
light rail or pendants and you'll want one. If you see it in person, you'll
_have to_ have one.

Moon had suggested Bald Cypress some time(years) ago on this list. I had
given it some thought but never got around to action of trying this idea

Well, I've been growing them for about 45 days now. They have put out lots
of new growth and I've really abused the plants and just last week put a
light on the tank. I add fert's only once. I've got over 4 inch leaf growth
on many branches which is likely a weekly average. Good grower.

I have a tree that's about 1" max diameter and about 24 inches tall.
I've placed a piece of similar root in front so the effect is such that it
appears to be part of the tree.
It's in flourite. 

It'll look very good once filled in. I'll post some pic's once it grows in
well. I can tell it's an easy plant to grow in an open top  planted tanks
though. Does well at high indoor/dry temps.

Another thing about this tree vs a mangrove, is the leaves/needle are very
small unlike the mangrove which are broad waxy and tough looking. These a
fine and delicate lending a better effect when trying to make a small scene
of nature. I suppose I could use both as well for contrast.

I found a few 8-12 inch seedling which I'll take a bit more care of and am
going to see how well they do in a raised corner section.

Thanks Moon.

Tom Barr