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Re: What disease could my neons have?

Bob wrote:
>>It sounds like mycobacteriosis, or "fish TB" --
except you said it doesn't spread to the guppies, and
one of the neons has been this way for a year. 
Do the affected fish become pale or do they stay
colored nicely?<<

Hi Bob...I read the description of fish TB and a few
other diseases that had spinal curvature as a symptom.
The fish that has the curved spine now is nicely
colored, although not as bright as the others in the
tank, and except for the physical deformity, seems
just fine.  I seem to recall a little fading of color
on some of the others that had this problem (now
deceased).  I also have a 2 1/2" SAE and some guppies
in robust good health who have lived with him for ages
with no problem or contagion.  Puzzling...

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