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Re: Removing a 75 plastic rim

I'm doing this exact same thing.
The 20 gallon is pretty easy. My advice is take your time in doing this. You
will also certainly need a glass slat for the center brace. It cannot
support the weight with no center brace. I placed an 8" W x 3/8"T slat for
this and asked for a bevel at the glass shop. Tape the area you will glue
like one would using paint so you don't slop it around and make it look

Work the silicone slowly off going back and forth several times to break the
seal. Don't apply too much pressure to the tank otherwise you'll break the
glass. Keep checking to see if you got all of it. Often times you don't.
Check to see if the rim will lift off start at one corner and work around.
Be careful not to break the plastic rim also.
You also need to be careful not to scratch the glass. Use plastic scrapers
Some folks opt for slat placement on the top on the tank, some opt for the
inside. I really think the best place is on the top edge as this will give
the best amount of binding and support.
You can also add two end pieces, say 3" pieces x 3/8" on each end of the
tank also.

I've seen some very beautiful custom tanks with no plastic at all and they
are simply awesome looking. Add MH's pendants, it's hard to beat the look.
Add a nice custom cabinet and an skimming overflow.

But be careful. If you mess it up, you'll scratch the tank, or break the
glass or fill the tank and have it leak or crack.

While a 20 gallon tank is one thing, a 75 is another.
A healthy dose of common sense, good construction skills etc are needed.

Tom Barr