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Re: Q# on Using Green Valley Trace Mix for PMDD?

> "Anthony Law" <anthony at q-test_com> wrote:

> Saw a very cheap local trace mix.  Cdn$4.99
> (US$3.30)for 500g!  Green Valley brand from Abbotsford
> BC.  It's in tiny 2-3mm pellets form & not powder.  The
> contents, especially Cu, scare me though:
> B 2.4%, Cu 2.4% (too high?), Fe 14.4%, Mn 6%, Mo
> 0.06%, Zn 5.6%
> 1) Can I simply scale back this trace mix, say from 1
> tblsp to 0.5 or 0.25 tblsp as per SC formula?

The Fe and Cu are both in there, so if you scale it back, you're getting less Cu,
but less Fe also. Fe is 6X higher than Cu. If you shoot for Fe at 0.10 mg/L, the
Cu will be 0.017 mg/L, which is not very high at all. Most older homes have levels
2-10X that high in their tap water from the Cu pipes. I wouldn't be worried. Any
accumulation will be taken care of through water changes.

> Off Topic.  I would hate to kill more fish by
> accident.  When I rigged my DIY CO2 something went
> wrong.  pH between 6.5 to 7.0, very soft

> Vancouver water less than 1 deg KH & GH, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate close to
> 0.

That's your problem, the KH. You have no buffering capacity. The pH falls way to
quickly with no buffering. My water has the same parameters. I use 1/4 tsp. of
baking soda to 3 gals of water to get values between 4-5 deg KH. At good CO2
levels, my pH stays around 6.8-7.2. Try a little baking soda additions over a day
or so period. Don't add it dry, dissolve it in a little water. Slowly changing the
KH will stabilize the pH and the dreaded swings you're causing. Also, add a little
Ca and Mg, your plants will need it.

Jamie <"///><