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Re: DYI hoods

> I am trying to figure out how you got 110 watts out of three lamps.

2x55watt PC's, CSL's, 5000K and a 8800K.
Should be an interesting mix.

> sort of lamps are those? It doesn't look like you would get nearly enough
> light out of this setup for high light plants.

5.5 watts a gallon on a 20 gallon? Can you say BBQ?

> Raising the lamps like that
> and not having an enclosed hood will really lose a lot of light and you are
> not using a lot to begin with.

But at only 4 inches extra in a 16 inch max depth tank and the increased
spread....PC's with nice reflectors sure have plenty of light, very often
too much light.

Those AZOO system set ups are very expensive. With a little work, some DYI,
you can make a nice similar tank without shelling out a 1000$+.
> The hood looks good though. Probably it will last a fair while since
> humidity will not build up in there like it would with a totally enclosed
> hood.

The hood itself you see is 4 years old already..........and have been moved
all over the country 3 times, been abused pretty good so far.

> Even so, I would highly recomend using epoxy for the inside of any
> hood. Epoxy works as a structural adhesive as well.

True but I've had no problems. Heat is not an issue since it's an open an
design. The wood does not bow etc at all after 4 years and shows no signs of
any problems. I've built 4 such hoods over the years. Only thing I've done
recently was add the legs.

> You just have to tack
> the wood together just well enough to hold temporarily. You then seal the
> inside with epoxy and apply epoxy/filler fillets in the corners and you have
> a box that will last forever. The sample kit sold by System Three would be
> enough for this job.

The wood glue is no bad for this and then a good coat of paint. It's light
weight and rigid. Falling apart is not an issue here. Dropping your hood,
stepping on it etc and other blatant acts of abuse will destroy most
things......but if you feel better using the epoxy, it sure won't hurt at

Tom Barr 
> Wayne