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Lighting / Split Hood / Moving

I posted this to the list already in response to JoAnn's question, but the 
list was having a problem...For those interested, I have some pics and  
description of my DIY lighting hood in this APD post:


Also, I own a "Pet Supply Liquidator" light fixture... David Marshburn has 
asked if they were good -- I had a good experience and my light fixture has 
been problem free for the 10 months I have had it.
Here is my initial review:


and pics:


(I don't even have an earthlink account anymore, but it still seems my free 
webspace is hosting my pics...)

I just bought a house, and will need to move all of my tanks(6) from my 
appartment in about 2 months(!!)...  Perhaps someone could post tips from 
their moving experience to help me out...


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