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Re: A DYI Lighting idea and a tank modification

Tom wrote:

The hood is made from 1/4" thick popular and has 110 watts of light.
This is readily available at Homer Depot and they will even cut it for you
if you need it cut. I use wood glue and brads and pre drilled the holes.
I added the two legs later but you could design a nicer looking leg set up
for this but it looks pretty good in person. When the plants are growing up
and out the back and perhaps some in the front, it'll will look much better.

I am trying to figure out how you got 110 watts out of three lamps. What
sort of lamps are those? It doesn't look like you would get nearly enough
light out of this setup for high light plants. Raising the lamps like that
and not having an enclosed hood will really lose a lot of light and you are
not using a lot to begin with.

The hood looks good though. Probably it will last a fair while since
humidity will not build up in there like it would with a totally enclosed
hood. Even so, I would highly recomend using epoxy for the inside of any
hood. Epoxy works as a structural adhesive as well. You just have to tack
the wood together just well enough to hold temporarily. You then seal the
inside with epoxy and apply epoxy/filler fillets in the corners and you have
a box that will last forever. The sample kit sold by System Three would be
enough for this job.