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A DYI Lighting idea and a tank modification

Here's a style modification folks can do to their tanks that will make it
easier to work on and look nice. Functional and looks good.


The hood is made from 1/4" thick popular and has 110 watts of light.
This is readily available at Homer Depot and they will even cut it for you
if you need it cut. I use wood glue and brads and pre drilled the holes.
I added the two legs later but you could design a nicer looking leg set up
for this but it looks pretty good in person. When the plants are growing up
and out the back and perhaps some in the front, it'll will look much better.

I'm trying out a 5000K + an 8800K mix for the bulbs.
I used a plastic paint scraper to peel off the plastic lip around the top
edge of the tank. Next, I used 220 grit sandpaper to bevel tot he glass
edges. Then took a razor blade to get any leftover silicone.
Makes for a sharp looking tank. Some may want to be very careful when
removing the plastic lips and also check to see if there is any potential
for bowing and glass breakage like on larger tanks such as a 55 gallon
standard, you'll need to add a center glass slat. Care must be taken to
prevent cuts, and scratches and also breakage of the glass tank.

Tom Barr