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Re: What disease could my neons have?

> From: "Beverly S." <heavensabvus at yahoo_com> 
> Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2002 15:57:49 -0700 (PDT) 
> In-reply-to: <200210021948.g92Jm1Y21175 at acme_actwin.com> 
> I've had a recurring problem with my neons and I've
> been unable to figure out what it is...perhaps someone
> here could share their experience with this?
> As *some* my neons grow older and larger their spines
> develop a strong curvature and sometimes their sides
> become a little sunken.  I've read about different
> types of neon diseases but have been unable to figure
> out if it's one of these or something genetic.  It
> happens very slowly and they can live long lives even
> with these symptoms.  Only *some* of them develop this
> and those that do remain active and eat very well and
> swim normally.  They eventually die but I'm not sure
> if it's from the disease or something else or even old
> age.  I have one now who's had these deformities for
> at least a year (no progression that my eye can see)
> and he still seems very happy with no behavioral
> change at all.
It sounds like mycobacteriosis, or "fish TB" -- except you said it doesn't
spread to the guppies, and one of the neons has been this way for a year. 
Do the affected fish become pale or do they stay colored nicely?