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K2PO4 vs KH2PO4

Just catching up on the weekend posting. I use Aquarium Pharmaceutical (I
think that's what it's called or close to it). I can't say whether I'm happy
with it or not. Haven't been doing this aquarium plant thing long enough to

Also, my 2-cent worth with regards to the co2 dumping debate; I like the
debate and I do find the information useful. I'm the type that likes to see
both sides of the fence and judge for myself. I also judge respect of people
on this list by the information they give and also the pictures they post.
If I receive a curt response from someone (though it may never have been
intended to be curt) and they have amazing looking tank, I step-aside. They
have the right to dictate to us who are wanting to listen to them. I'm on
this list to learn from others with more knowledge, and I'm having a ton of
fun experimenting/ experiencing.

Now about that low co2 saturation using a vortex diffuser.....hmmmm

Nursing his blisters from a day of blacksmithing.