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What disease could my neons have?

I've had a recurring problem with my neons and I've
been unable to figure out what it is...perhaps someone
here could share their experience with this?

As *some* my neons grow older and larger their spines
develop a strong curvature and sometimes their sides
become a little sunken.  I've read about different
types of neon diseases but have been unable to figure
out if it's one of these or something genetic.  It
happens very slowly and they can live long lives even
with these symptoms.  Only *some* of them develop this
and those that do remain active and eat very well and
swim normally.  They eventually die but I'm not sure
if it's from the disease or something else or even old
age.  I have one now who's had these deformities for
at least a year (no progression that my eye can see)
and he still seems very happy with no behavioral
change at all.

I feed them a high quality, varied diet so I haven't
been able to pin it to a nutritional deficiency.  I
have used an antibacterial agent in the water and
antibiotics.  It doesn't spread to my SAEs or guppies
and my shrimp are old and happy.  And it's strange to
me that only some of the neons get it.

Anyone have any ideas?  It's hard to know if any of
the treatments I have tried have had any effect at all
since once they have developed this curvature it
wouldn't disappear even if treatment was successful. 
I'd appreciate any suggestions for keeping my fish
old, fat and happy and my plants safe.  Thanks!

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