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PMDD ingredients mailorder in the US?

Hydroponics.com has very good prices on the PMDD ingredients, 
$8.30 US for enough ingredients (not counting the Epsom Salt, 
which I'm just going to buy at the grocery store) to make over three 
liters of the stuff.

Potassium Sulfate 500g $2.45 U.S.
Potassium Nitrate 500g $2.45 U.S.
Trace Element Mix 100g $3.40 U.S.

However, here's the part that made me sad:

Shipping (UPS, one week):  $15.95 US

It doesn't seem right to spend twice as much on shipping as I do 
on what I'm buying.  Hydroponics.com is in Canada.  Is there a 
place in the US I can order these ingredients from for comparable 
prices, so that the shipping will be cheaper and I can get the stuff 

Thanks for any suggestions.