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Re: Algae wars!


         I grow my plants in partial sunlight. I have battled all kinds of 
Never lost an algae war. Never stripped a tank due to algae..


1. Reducing light is a good option i.e. saves you some money on electricity 

2. Introduce some adult American FlagFish, juvenile Rosy Barbs, guppies, 
and/platies. Suckermouth catfishes help with regular algae.
Do not feed them for a few weeks... or feed rarely if not feeding them bothers

I have used these options to battle hair & beard algae with success. 
Recently in
a 10 gallon tank, I was growing cladaphora on driftwood.. Some anubias nana got
small tufts of black brush type algae. I introduced one AFF and noticed 
that the
cladophora was getting cleaned up along with the black brush algae!

IMHO Algicide seems to work only with slimy green/brown algae.

Good luck.

Raj, vu2zap
Bangalore, South India.

>From: "Daphne Freeman" <daphne.freeman at charter_net>
>Subject: Algae wars!
>Hey, here is another algae question!
>I am still finding small bits of cladophora here and there(I think that is
>what it is anyway).  Not much, not even that often anymore, but here and
>there.  Of course I aggressively rip it and any surrounding material out but
>here is the question.
>I am considering a complete redesign of the aquascape.  If I remove all
>plants/driftwood and siphon out the top inch or so of gravel and all the
>water (obviously there would be some residual water in the remaining gravel)
>and then bleach/replace all plants before refilling and replanting, is that
>enough?  Do I have to remove every last piece of Flourite and replace it and
>bleach the tank and Eheim?  I would take my Eheim apart and rinse it but
>hated to have to replace all my gravel (and of course reset my heater
>cables).  I would like to reuse some of my plants that "appear" clean
>(Christmas moss for example) but would like to eliminate this algae once and
>for all.
>FWIW, I plan to also raise my MH (250 watt over a 92 gallon) some so the
>tank doesn't run quite so "racecar-like".  That is the theory anyway :)
>Everything in this tank grows fast and furious and I thought this might take
>everything down a notch.  The bulb (which is horizontal) is 8.5 inches from
>the glass now and I can go up as much as 7 additional inches.  My stand/hood
>is one giant piece of furniture.  I realize this may not have any effect at
>all.  I have also let the glass get "dirty" with deposits to cut the light
>somewhat.  The back corner (corner tank obviously) is open but the remaining
>top of the tank has glass.