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	This may be off topic on this board but I'm hoping
	someone on here will be able to help me or point me in the
	right direction.
	I was watching my Bolivian rams today and noticed something

	Here's a picture of it...
	I apologize for the picture not being clear - the fish
	was not cooperating.

	The three red filaments hanging out of the rectal oriface
	of my female ram. I noticed the male has a similar problem,
	except in that case I can see only one of the suspected
	parasites. They don't appear to be moving as far as I can
	tell. Is this some sort of internal parasite? How can I
	identify it if it is? How can I get rid of it? Are my other
	fish at risk? I share nets between tanks - are my other fish
	at risk too? What mediciation is planted-tank safe?

	Ghazanfar Ghori