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Translucent leaf - rottening stems

I asked earlier about translucent leafs and got some answers on what it could be. Thank you all for those!

Well, finally I got hold of a digicamera and took some pictures.
Maybe the pictures can help a bit more. (The page is not in english, but picutres are omnilingual).
The problem I face is that; the day after (or two) the leafs become translucent, the entire stem of the plant is rottening. All at once litterally over night.
Usually (from what I've seen) the rottening /blackening of a stem, begins at the top working its way down Or it starts at the bottom working its way up. Not the entire plant at once. Never seen that before. 
Once it starts the plant can't be saved.
Maybe its not a nutrition problem but an illness instead?

Best regards
Greger Lindstrand