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Re: Resources in Canada

Heather Foy is wondering about aquatic plant resources in the Great White

Welcome to Canada, eh!

You're living in Guelph - be sure and check out the university - the
University of Guelph might be a great place for you to start looking for
contacts. Their School of Agriculture is highly regarded. One of the folks
who was active in the TAAPL (Toronto & Area Aquatic Plant List) works at the
University of Guelph - Julie Marchant. She might have some local leads for
you. If you ever wander around the campus, you might see the plaque
dedicated to Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod of TFH fame - he laid a sizeable chunk
of money on them.

Ottawa Aquatics sells aquatic plants mail order within Canada
(http://www.ottawaaquatics.com/index.htm). I have no idea of their quality
or their service but if you can't get them any other way, it might be worth
a shot.

As well, Guelph isn't THAT far from Toronto, and there are lots of places to
buy quality aquatic plants here. Big Al's / Aquarium Services is a
franchised chain with stores thoughout southern Ontario and they have access
to Tropica plants. Two of the best are their store in Mississauga and
another in Scarborough (check the yellow pages for exact locations). If you
are making a special trip, it might be wise to call ahead and ask when they
are expecting a plant order - things sometimes sell out fast. Big Al's also
does mail order within Canada (they are, after all, a Canadian outfit), but
they don't ship plants. PJ's Pets is another likely source - their store in
Scarborough is well stocked (at least, it was the last time I was there).
Downtown, Menagerie Pets is an old standby with probably the most
knowldegable plant person this side of Tom Barr. The store doesn't have the
space for fancy display tanks but I have gotten some really nice plants from
them for very reasonable prices. They bring in plants from both Florida and
the far east and if there is something special you want they can usually get
it for you.

Another Canadian mail order source (drygoods) is Mail Order Pet Supplies
(http://www.mops.ca/), based in Ancaster, Ontario. Honest, fast, reliable
service - I've dealt with them several times and have always been a happy

All of the big American mail order outfits ship to Canada. If you ever do go
that route, specify shipping via the U.S. Postal Service and avoid the use
of courier companies - they tack on a $20.00 - $30.00 "Customs Charge" which
is totally unnecessary. Plants are another issue entirely though - don't
count on being able to get them across the border as a private individual.
The rules regarding the importation of aquatic plants into Canada changed
last year and to the best of my knowledge the civil servants in charge of
overseeing such things still haven't figured out the difference between a
water lily and the Ebola virus.

Good luck,

James Purchase