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Resources in Canada 2 (repost, so sorry)

I just realized that my last post was sent in html (stupid outlook defaults,
grrr) so the spacing is all messed up and makes it hard to read. After
weighing which would be more annoying, resending my post or trying to read a
long post w/o line breaks, I've decided to err on the side of readability
;). So sorry for the "spam":

Hello there,

Some of you may remember me, but for the most part I've just been a lurker
on this list for several years now.

I used to live in Manhattan, but I've recently married and moved to Guelph,
Ontario. Unfortunately I am fish and plant-less for the time being (not to
mention jobless!). All my tanks are sitting dismantled in NYC waiting until
Canadian immigration gives me clearance to move my stuff. In the meantime,
I figured I'd use my "idletime" to gather information and resources until I
set my tanks up again. Since there are border complications, I've found out
that most of my previous mail order suppliers are no good to me up here. I
was wondering if any list members in Canada could point me in the right
direction as far as vendors, lfs's, aquarium clubs etc. go?

I've been to a couple LFS's here in Guelph just to check them out, but plant
selection was poor, seemed overpriced ($17 for run of the mill swords?!) and
the plants were unhealthy. Fish selection was pretty much limited to african
cichlids, and I know why - I don't need any test kits to see that the water
here is HARD - I'm constantly chipping off ROCKS around my faucets and
in my sinks =|. Should be fun for me to adjust to that since my water in NYC
had NO Kh at all, lol. On the plus side, I won't have to worry anymore about
buffer for Co2 injection...

Any information at all that you can provide will be greatly appreciated!
free to contact me off-list as well.

Thank You

PS Zach, John, Vincent, and the rest of you guys....I lost your emails in
move. I know I don't live in NYC anymore, but I'd like to still keep in
Hope you are all doing well.